My name is Sam Yancho, and this is my blog about my school year abroad in Finland in the 2011-2012 school year. I will try to update the blog as much as possible with new information and stories about what I'm doing as everything unfolds.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No niin, sanoin että yrittäisin kirjoittaa suomeksi koska ilmeisesti minulla on monta suomalainen lukijaa. Tämä viikko on koeviikko no niin minulla ei ole koulua. Ja se on oikein mukava että voin nukku myöhään, mutta huomenna menen Haminaan koska minun täytyy vuokrata pukua vanhojen tansseja varten. Helmikuussa menen risteilylle Tukholmaan kavereiden kanssa. Sitten perjantaina toivon mennä Helsinkiin kavereiden kanssa, en minä tiedä miksi. Mutta haluan mennä koska en ole koskaan ollut Helsingissä. :)

Anteeksi että tämä on vähän lyhyt, mutta olen vasynyt ja haluan mene nukkumaan.

For you English speakers reading this, I'll translate it, it'll sound a little simple, but that's how my Finnish is right now. As for all the mistakes I may have made in the Finnish section, which I'm almost certain there are a few, I'll just have to live with them, because I'm too tired to go through and check everything right now.  (mä toivon että ymmärrät :) ).

So, I said that I would try to write in Finnish because apparently I have many Finnish readers. This week is exam week, so I don't have school. And it's really nice that I can sleep late, but tomorrow I'm going to Hamina because I need to rent a suit for the Vanhojen dance. In February I'm going to Stockholm on a cruise with friends. Then, on Friday I'm going to Helsinki with my friends, I don't know why. But I want to go because I've never been in Helsinki. :)


  1. Love the Finnish...so proud you can communicate in written and well and oral Finnish...such an accomplishment, all those lessons are not in vain <3

  2. It is really interesting read about your life in Finland. Hope you have fun here! Kirjoitat suomea todella hyvin!