My name is Sam Yancho, and this is my blog about my school year abroad in Finland in the 2011-2012 school year. I will try to update the blog as much as possible with new information and stories about what I'm doing as everything unfolds.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saying goodbye

Just ten more days until I depart to begin my new life in Finland for the next year.
I have begun to say goodbye to all of my friends and family. The words, "I'll see you in a year," sink in pretty quick. I don't have my visa, plane ticket, or passport yet, but I'm hoping those will come in the mail any day now. Everything I'm doing seems to fly by faster than I ever could have imagined. Tomorrow is my last day of work, then I have a few days to pack, and prepare to leave. And then, I'll be on my way. 

It's pretty hard, to say goodbye to everyone you know. Because the entire time, you know that, down deep, you might never see this person again, or your friendship may dissolve over the trials of time.

But it's absolutely worth it. Never before have I been so excited to do something. And never before, have I ever been so close to achieving one of my dreams in life. The people I'll meet, the experiences I'll have, and the things I'll learn, will be priceless.

I cannot honestly say that I am prepared to leave. I still have to pick up a few things, and get gifts for people I don't even know yet, let alone learn the basics of an entirely new language.
I may not be prepared, but I have never been more ready, or eager to do anything like this in my entire life.
Sure I'm getting a little nervous, but after all, as Charles Lindbergh said, "I don't believe in taking unnecessary risks, but a life without risk isn't worth living."

I'll try to keep posting as the year goes on, but no promises. For all I know, nobody is reading this, so I'll post updates, and sometimes make some pretty long entries. At some point I may even switch it over to Finnish, so you might have to translate it into English, or whichever language you happen to speak.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Beginning Stages

I am in the end of my first year of exchange, the preparation year. It is finally time for me to get my stuff together and start thinking of gifts for the people I'll meet, the clothes and shoes I'll pack, and the pins and gifts I'll give. I have but 34 days (about) until I get on that plane and leave everything that I've ever known behind me. On the other side of the ocean.

I finally know who my first host family is,  I've applied for my residence permit, and I'm doing as much as possible to learn the language. The only thing left to do is buy the plane ticket, get on the plane, and have the time of my life.

This blog will cover my year in Finland, and I'll do my best to update it and share my experiences on a regular basis.